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Billings Ovulation Method

I am a qualified Billings Ovulation Method teacher. I have used the Billings Ovulation Method in my personal life for over 20 years. Billings is a form of natural fertility management with has proved to be extremely effective in both achieving and avoiding pregnancy.

If you are interested in learning more about this method please contact me to book an appointment.

Achieving Pregnancy

Knowing how to identify the fertile and infertile times in your cycle can help you to optimise your chances of achieving pregnancy. With the Billings Ovulation Method you will learn to recognise some simple body signs that will help you understand the signs of fertility and to recognise your peak day, which is the most fertile day in your cycle and very close to the time of ovulation. That way you will know when you have the best chance of conceiving. 

Preventing Pregnancy

The Billings Ovulation Method offers a reliable, cost effective and instantly reversible method of birth control. By following a few simple rules, you will be able to recognise the times in your cycle when you are infertile and also recognise your approaching fertility in order to avoid conception.

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